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OBIGO Opensource



Required environment


1. Host PC to Build Obigo WebAppManager Source

  -  Linux ubuntu-16.04 (xenial)


2. WebAppManager Open source Package


  - WebAppManager Open Source Package Download: (TBD)


Extract tar.gz files


├── build

│   ├── syslibs

│   └── util


├── output

│   └── target-mobis-ccnc


├── version.txt

└── source

      └── oaf


3. Download Tier1 ADT & Make sysroot build toolchain


To build Obigo WebAppmanager, Tier1 sysroot-libraries must be located at Host Pc.

Please ask ADT to Mobis with below matched SW information.




    The ADT package should be named as below format.


4. Build


$ cd obigoaf

$ sudo ./ ${DOWNLOAD_ADT_PATH}


If you build successfully, you can find deb file in obigoaf directory

ex,) for deb file: webappmanager_vX.X.X.HKMS01RXX_arm64.deb

ex,) for tar file : webframework_v{AF_VERSION_INFO}_${ARCH}.tar.gz